uberDo you use a taxi?

Do you have an Uber app on your phone?

Are all of your friends are using Uber?


If the answers to all of these questions are ‘yes’, that means that you know how popular and successful the company is. It operates in dozens of countries and in hundreds of cities. And in case you wanted to take part in life and success of the company… well, you couldn’t. Until today!


Today marks a historic landmark for Uber as today is the day for the company to go public!


That’s right. Remember May 10, 2019 as the day when Uber shares have finally become available for general public to trade with as they enter NYSE! Initial IPO took place yesterday.


And it seems that for now the stock is having a marvelous time too. Even though it has only been 1 day and Uber already managed to attract $8.1 billion in investment. Right now the market cap of the company adds up to $82.4 million.

At the moment the shares for Uber are traded at $45 level – a wise decision not to post the initial stocks at a high price, so that not to pare sudden losses in the nearest future.



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Happy trading!



The team of ToolsTrades!