There are always two sides to everything. And surely, trading is no exception to this statement. There are the best things about trading and the worst things about it. Of course, freedom, big earnings and the possibility to develop are very endearing. But there are quite a few negative sides to trading that we simply have to talk about them.


1. It gets too difficult from time to time.

2. Losses.

3. Compatibility with your day job.

4. Amount of learning materials.

5. We can never get enough of it.


costs1. It gets too difficult from time to time.

From time to time, when there is too much information and news to absorb, trading gets extremely difficult. It is hard to split your attention between everything evenly and neatly, so that you can follow all the news and gather all the pieces of needed information.

Of course, that is just a matter of habit and this problem might be experienced mostly by beginners in the field, but it is worth mentioning. Overloading with information is a serious problem in the world of trading. It is one of the most common causes for burning out, so be careful.




lose2. Losses.

Surely, losses should have been number one on the list, but that would have been too obvious. And yes, losses are unbearable, even though there is no way we can get rid of them or possibility of them. We have to understand that there is no way we can spend our whole trading career without losing several times. But, markets have to understand that we are going to hate this about them.

Overcoming a loss is a difficult task. Some people need a lot of time to deal with it and be able to come back to the markets and trade. Going through and overcoming a loss is one of the most difficult tasks that traders have to go through over the course of their career.




time 23. Compatibility with your day job.

Trading is not always compatible with your day job, especially if trading sessions for your assets of choice do not coincide with your time zone. When you get too invested and too interested in trading, your day job might get in the way. But here is a problem – your day job provides you with a stable income when trading can get too tiresome and bring you nothing for weeks on end. Living with accordance to two time tables – trading and day job might become difficult as you might start experiencing more and more gloomy and tired days.




learn4. Amount of learning materials.

Trading requires studying and learning. These two have to be constant if you want to become a successful trader. You have to read books, study professional traders, search for the best trading strategies and follow the chart all at the same time. That SOUNDS difficult. Imagine having to do it! That is one of the most difficult tasks that you are going to come across in your lifetime.

Dealing with the need to learn something new already might be too much for some people to deal with. And if you think you are not going to be any good in learning, but still want to roll into professional trading, you will have to put some extra effort into your future success.




trading signals5. We can never get enough of it.

Let’s be honest – with all its flaws trading is a pretty appealing way to earn your living. And the more you trade, the more you want to trade. And here is where we are limited by the time itself. Getting enough of trading is the biggest challenge of them all – you have to spend a lot of time to really be satisfied with the amount of hours you have put into the process.  

Be sure, this is the problem that you will never settle – trading is just too cool for us to get enough of it.