Only several hours left until the weekend comes and we can really relax. But for a lot of us the weekend are just two days that we can run our errands and prepare for upcoming week. But these two days were not given to us to do house work. It is to relax and have our rest from the tasks of the 5 working days.

And I cannot let you spend these days troubling yourself with straining tasks. Not when you can choose one of these relaxing activities and have a lot of rest before the next week starts.


1. Meditation.

2. Reading.

3. Listening to favorite music.

4. Get down to your hobby.

5. Massage.

6. Go for a hike.

7. Enjoy your meals.


meditate1. Meditation.

Slow breathing, scented candles, relaxing music, you and your thoughts – that is what meditation is about. You are relaxing alone with your own thoughts and no one is allowed to bother you. That is what happiness is to a lot of people. Plus, meditating is a really good way to recharge your batteries after a work day.




reading2. Reading.

Reading is good. We have all grown up with that notion. At school and at home a lot of people were subjected to this fact. And maybe even if as children we hated reading, as adults a lot of us find this activity relaxing. Read everything, down to your guilty pleasure books. Historical novels, fantasy, detective books – everything that you can think of. Try and take about an hour each weekend day for your reading.




music3. Listening to favorite music.

Listening to music releases pheromones into our brain. These pheromones help us feel happiness and relaxation. And listening to music regularly can decreased the level of stress as well as help you cope with various unpleasant events that you may come across.




hobbby14. Get down to your hobby.

Make some time for your hobby. That goes without saying, right? You need to dedicate time to what you like to do, no matter what it is.




massage5. Massage.

Relaxing in a massage parlor is not something that everyone has time for. But on the weekends If your schedule is wide-open you simply must dedicate some time to self-care. Get a double-massage with your significant other as well. That is a true relaxing and a very romantic experience.




hie6. Go for a hike.

Walking in the woods can be refreshing and relaxing. You can engage in bird-watching and listening, you can try and hunt for some wild mushrooms and you can go fishing. Whatever it is you do during a hike is going to be a true classically relaxing experience for you.




meals7. Enjoy your meals.

Take time with your meal. During the week we usually do not have time for a long lunch and dinner as we simply have too much to do. But during the weekend you can give yourself that luxury of a long and thought-through meal. Enjoy every bite!