Have you ever heard a story of someone getting the news that their late uncle left them millions of dollars because he had money stashed somewhere no one ever knew about? If you were not so lucky as to get such news yourself, you can BECOME the person who is stashing their hard earned money all over the place…


Well, not all over the place per se, but in places suitable for it only. Today we are going to look at the best places where you can store and multiply your money.


1. Savings account.

2. Trading accounts.

3. High percentage checking account.

4. Real estate.

5. Retirement account.

6. Invest in education.


timing11. Savings account.

The best and one of the safest options imaginable. If you find a bank that offers decent or even higher-than-market-value interest rate, you are going to get to earn money off of this as well. But of course there is always a risk that a bank can go down, especially if it is a bank with HQ in the country with bad economy. So you always have to choose the bank that relies on very stable economy and check everything thoroughly. Twice.

And research interest rates as well. Never settle for the first one you see.




plans2. Trading accounts.

Money needs to work for you. And trading accounts are pretty much the only place where money actually works, if you do everything right, that is. Of course it is safer to put your money into the bank and end the matter, but learning new stuff and try and multiply your money is a waaaay better option, don’t you think?





3. High percentage checking account.

That’s right. You really can find checking account that is going to give you money instead of taking a small portion of it. But some of these checking accounts can even offer a pretty high yield, although something tells me that you are going to have to look pretty hard for this type of checking account. Despite of the hardship, I think that you are going to find the search pretty rewarding.




real estate4. Real estate.

By purchasing real estate, you invest into the future for several members of your family – you can become a landlord for some time, you can flip it or you can buy it for your children to move in some day. This way you are ridding them of the need to buy their own accommodations and struggle financially afterwards as well as provide yourself with child-free living as soon as your kids hit 18-year-olds-point.




retirement5. Retirement account.

We all hope that when we are retired we are going to be taken care of. By our children and our government. But unfortunately that is not the case. Not always, anyway.

Quite often children want to be left alone and their wallet is their ordeal, after all. And every government strives to spend less and less on its citizens, so there is really no better way to ensure a prosperous retirement than to provide it for yourself.

Try and save money to your retirement account. This way you are going to get both – save for yourself and get sweet interest.




educational6. Invest in education.

After all is said and done there is only one good place for you to invest or try and save your money – yourself. If you have nothing left to top up, then you need to invest into your future, your education and your personal development. There is no better thing to assure your future success than to develop and learn new things. Think about it the next time you are wondering where to put all that money that you earned with our trading signals.