As I promised, today we are going to take a closer look to Apple’s presentation and briefly talk of whether the company is out of the woods when it comes to pricing of its shares for the future.


We all know that last year Apple were having troubles. Greed has gotten to them and because of it, company’s stock was losing price. What was the reason for that? Well of course the fact that the pricing for the newest iPhone X was too high and that not a lot of people [especially outside of the USA as the cost for the new models was even higher abroad due to the shipping costs] could afford it. As a result, Apple failed the main shopping season – Christmas shopping was a huge failure for the company, that was usually one of the main goals for the present list.


Of course all of that just couldn’t help but be reflected in the earning of Apple. And of course, as soon as investors saw the reports on the profits, it became evident – Apple either needs to review their pricing policy and do something about it or it has to forever forget about some of the investors and stocks pricing above $200.


And that is not something that the company could possibly settle for.


So, this year it was especially interesting to follow the presentation. Why? Well, myself, for example, I didn’t care much about Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade. I just wanted to find out the price for the new iPhone. And not because I anticipate to buy the newest model as soon as it hits the shelves, no. But because I was hoping to see that Apple have finally learned their lesson.


And it turns out that they indeed have learned their lesson. Despite all the new cool features of the phone, it seems that Apple decided not to put so much pressure on the general public and instead opted for something more affordable and something that is going to bring them profits in the end.


So, the new phone has 2 cameras – a feature that makes a new iPhone 11 stand out from the crowd, and spatial audio system which makes audio sound as if you are listening to it in the cinema, six different colors for you to choose out from and a battery life that can last you a whole day!


Of course a more expensive version of iPhone 11 – iPhone 11 Pro was also announced, and its main difference from its ‘non-professional’ brother is the fact that it has three cameras on a famous Apple-branded back.


Of course there were other announcements as well. For example, Apple Watch that is going to watch [pun not intended] the health of the carrier more careful as well as give them the opportunity to call emergency contacts of 150 countries with a press of a button.


iPad wasn’t left aside as well. Newest generation of iPads – iPad 7 was announced. Its 10.2-inches screen is bound to find its fans among those who are already hooked on Apple products.


And despite the fact that all of this sounds pretty interesting and innovative, the pricing for all of this can be called adequate. iPad are going to start their pricing from $529, iPhone is starting from $699 and Apple Watch are coming in two prices - $399 without the possibility to insert a SIM card and $499 with such a possibility.


Of course there were also other projects announced, but these were the most important and the most anticipated announcements.


So, what is expecting Apple in the future? As we can see it is possible that the company is going to do just fine this shopping season. Prices are quite cool and affordable and innovations are more visible and more payable for, so to say. The investors are being cautious right now, it is understandable for sure, but all and all the future today is looking much brighter for Apple than it did just a year ago.


We can only hope that in the future Apple are going to keep it up and are never going to make the same mistake ever again.