Today I want to step a little bit further away from the general trading and to focus on our service –

I hope that those who are already using our services enjoy them and manage to get as much profits as they can with us. If you are – do not forget and NEVER hesitate to tell our agents about your successes via the chat box, we are very eager to hear from you so that we can keep on developing and improving our services non-stop.


But today I want to talk about something else. I want to talk to you about singularity.

That's right.


Do you have a single t-shirt? Or a single pair of shoes for all the seasons?


I sure hope not. Because that is simply not the way to live. And why should trading be any different? I am getting to my point here.


For those who want to experience trading from all its sides, who want to implement different trading strategies and who want to see everything trading has to offer we want to offer our PRO CLUB MEMBERSHIP.





Why? Well, because for one investment it opens 3 accounts with 3 different brokers. It gives you the possibility to earn triple, to put down 3 simultaneous trades and to implement 3 different trading strategies.


As team of toolstrades we want to note that we would never recommend our users something that would harm them or will simply not work. That is simply not the way that we choose to operate. And I highly recommend that you talk to one of the members of our team who can tell you all about out PRO CLUB members.


Triple the brokers – triple the earnings. That is the way to add up your profits!