Investing. This term has been long associated with markets and risks. But there are so many things that we can invest in outside of markets. And yes not all of them are requiring monetary investment. Sometimes it is just your time or your attention that are required.

So, what are these outside-of-market investments that we need to make regularly?


1. Your health.

2. Your family.

3. Your career.

4. Your education.

5. Real estate.


healthcare1. Your health.

Let’s face it – there is nothing more valuable for you than yourself and your life. No money and no amount of gold can ever substitute you for yourself. And that is why we need to make sure that our health is in perfect condition for our own age. There is no need to be nervous and to wear yourself out all the time. Take care of yourself. Go to the doctor if you do not feel right, exercise and limit your trading time if you have to.

Use more of the trading signals so that you are not putting the strain on yourself in making these important decisions. Eat right and sleep the right amount of time. All of these actions put together are going to ensure that you are going to live a happy and long life and that you are going to be able to trade for a long time to come.



family2. Your family.

People around you, people who you see all the time – your spouse, your children and your parents. These are the most important people in your life. And you need to invest time into spending it with them. Go to the park, spend your weekends at a family picnic, look forward to seeing and talking with them.

Laugh, play, go to the movies and make sure that everyone is happy and healthy. This is the way to treat your family.



work from home3. Your career.

Of course there can be no well-being without money. That is the world we live in. We are tied to looking for ways to earn more and to make more. And in order to have a lot of money we need to invest into our career. Of course I do not mean that we need to pay all of our free time and attention towards our jobs, no. I am saying that if you do not like your job there is no way that you are going to be able to build a career.

Find a job that you like and that you are good at, go the extra mile, be nice to your colleagues, learn more to be better at it and eventually your investment is going to pay off.

After all, career is what ensures that you have enough funding to trade with.


educ4. Your education.

And here education is broader than your regular college or university. Education is books and different programs, classes, websites and so on. Education is everything that makes you better at your job, your relationship and your trading. Even when you become better at your hobbies – that is education.

And you can and should invest into your education at any time in your life – it is never too early.





real estate5. Real estate.

What can be better than the sweet-sweet scent of a passive income. Ok. A lot of things. And income doesn’t really smell, I get it. But really – imagine that you could sit at home doing nothing, maybe trading with either one of your trading accounts or even putting down several trades all the while money just coming to your doorstep.

How is that possible?

Well, you are a landlord – you have invested in a house or an apartment that you are now renting out. You are successful just because you have some walls and windows in your possession. Well, it is more complicated than that but in a nutshell you know that I am right!

Plus, you already have a place where your children can live after they turn 18. Investing into real estate just seems right no matter how you look at it.


Investing is not just a term from the markets. it is something that can drastically improve your quality of life.