As we spoke about changes and reports that await USD today we never said that one of them is very important and its results are going to be crucial for our trading today. I am of course talking about the NFP report – nonfarm payrolls. A leading indicator that tells us the real situation in American job market. The higher the level of employment of USA is going to be, the higher the dollar is going to go. Some say that NFP IS the indicator that single-handedly moves currency markets. So it is natural that we pay extra attention to it today.


Right now markets are holding a very high level of tension and potential. As soon as NFP report comes out markets are going to erupt with activity regardless of the fact that today is Friday. And again – right now while the report is still not out and while we still do not know what its effect is going to be we are standing on the verge on potential earnings explosion. So, get ready for it.


Trading at this very moment might seem a little bit quiet as before the report traders prefer to get lower and more quiet. But we need to be on the lookout for the exact moment of report issuing.


Again. Right now we are on the verge of the HUGE EARNINGS possibilities!


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