stay2406Not enough to wake up energetic, you still have to be able to not lose all your fuse during the day. These simple and clear ways will not only keep you working, but also improve your performance.

Remove the obscure positions from your to-do list...

Your to-do list should only include what you are ready to do and can do without delay. But the option "Start a new project" should not be on your to-do list. This is too big and complicated a task. Replace it with something like "Define the goals of a new project for the next two months". The to-do list should only consist of specific tasks.

Use physical activity.

Nothing makes our brain work better than physical activity. If you feel you can't concentrate, don't drink coffee. Instead, try a little walk, a couple of squats, or flexibility exercises. 10 minutes of physical activity will visibly improve your performance.

Use an incentive system

The reward system works very well for yourself if you get used to it. Finish the big and difficult task, and then allow yourself a cup of excellent coffee and a small cake. Other suitable rewards may also be relevant to a rewarding role. Incentives make us more productive and motivate us to finish all our work as soon as possible.

Take advantage of modern technology

Each year, new software is created to optimize the workflow. There are many ways to improve the way you work, and you should try at least some of the programs and applications. One of these programs our team has created for our members and is improving it for over 7 years so that you can stay productive and have great profits. This is our unique signal service. But also our managers can provide you with many other opportunities for productive work to increase your capital. All you need to do is write to a chat on our website. Managers are always happy to answer you in detail.