Fear is totally normal. Everyone has it and we can fear different things. Someone is afraid of losing people, someone is afraid of growing poor and someone is afraid of snakes. It is totally normal to be scared and afraid – it is what can help us stay alive as fear helps us sense what is wrong.

But in trading fear can be fatal to the process as it can paralyze us too much and make us just stop trading altogether. But we don’t want that, do we? We need to throw away the fear and only leave a small piece of it for good measure. All of the rest of it needs to go away. So, what fears do we need to overcome and how can we do it?


1. Fear of losing.

2. Fear of missing the right trade.

3. Fear of missing the exit point.


1. Fear of losing.

The most obvious fear of all of them in trading.

Losing in unbearable for most of us. Especially when you are on a losing streak – several losses in a row just make us want to throw our trading device out the window and forget what chart and currencies are. But that is not the point.

Fear of losing is a very natural one. It what drives us to win in the first place. But too much fear, as I already said, is going to be paralyzing. It is going to spoil the entire trading experience for you. And while losing is an essential part of trading and you are not going to be able to escape it completely, you can do everything in your power in order to minimize the losses.

You can learn everything there is to learn and make a habit out of following the news religiously. Only these two measures are going to help you experience as little losses as possible. Trust me, all you need to stop fearing the losses is to study their nature – that is just going to take all of the power out of them.

Do not let losses push you into the fear and give up trading.


2. Fear of missing the right trade.

Well, yes, that is the possibility that you are going to focus on the wrong trade and win not as much as you could have, I am not going to lie to you. But such is life and such is trading – it is a matter of choice for a lot of traders.

Here the only thing that can keep you safe from missing out on the right trade is opening multiple trading accounts – this way you are going to be able to put several trades at once and never fear that between three traders you are going to choose the least profitable one – fear no more.

You can put all three down with our proposition of the PRO membership. Talk about it to our agents as there are several perks coming together with the possibility to triple your profits. Not a bad offer, right?


3. Fear of missing the exit point.

Another huge reason for the losses that can turn your desire to trade into you being very miserable. But here you can thank not only trading signals that can tell you the exact price point for a perfect stop loss, but also various trading tools which are usually designed to guide you towards the place where exiting the trade is the best option.

Here the main thing is to remember that you can always re-enter the trade when the chart starts going higher than you could have anticipated. It is leaving – that is harder. Especially when you expect the chart to fly up and it goes down like the worst betrayer of them all.

Look out for the stop loss points in a trading signal and learn all of the indicators that the chart can provide for you. Will you fear when you have so many helpers around you? I don’t think so!


My point with all of this is as follows: you do not need to be afraid of trading, thousands of people do that every day and they manage to turn every bit of help and knowledge into enormous profits, just look at trading results tab at our website, for example. And good news is that you can be one of these traders easily – throw away the fear and enjoy trading!