We have studied trading as a profession. But still a lot of us are trading just to pass the time – as a hobby. And even though it is not a very conventional one like knitting or crocheting it can be a prefect hobby for those who have a lot of free time and want to make something of it.

But is it all it cut out to be?

Can trading make a good hobby.

Let’s take a look at PROS of having trading as a hobby.


1. It brings you money.

2. It takes a lot of time.

3. You acquire useful skills.

4. You seem cooler.

5. You get to do something other than your job.


euro 61. It brings you money.

People usually come to trading when they want to make money on the side of their job. And what other hobby do you know that can bring you profits THAT BIG? Skilled and lucky traders have all the possibility in the world to make $10-15 thousand a day. Not bad, right? And the more you are trading the more your chances are to get even bigger profits.

Of course if you knit, for example, you have a very good chance to sell whatever you make. But $20 thousand per one item? That is an impossible number, unless you knit with gold.

It is time to admit – no hobby can bring you as much money as trading.



time 22. It takes a lot of time.

Yes, it is a pro. Don’t we all have hobbies in order to have something to do when we are absolutely free? Well, trading is just for that. And the sheer amount of time it can take from your lazy and empty day is perfect for those who do not want to spend all day in front of the TV.




work from home3. You acquire useful skills.

Can you use your knitting or plane modeling skills in real life? What do your video games give you? NOTHING other than pure entertainment while you are playing them. But trading can give you a lot of skills and habits which are going to be super useful for you in life.

You get used to following the news and analyzing world events; you are aware of the financial situation in the world; you know everything about politics and you can talk about is with other people as this is clearly your point of interest.

All and all you become a very knowledgeable person.



family4. You seem cooler.

How many of your friends can read a trading chart? How many of them know how to spot a perfect entry point? How many of them can earn with hobby as much as you do? Not a lot I bet! And you, having all the knowledge is just cool for them. Of course this is not a particularly useful thing but who doesn’t want to be popular with their friends?





trdaing25. You get to do something other than your job.

We all are getting tired of our jobs from time to time. Doing the same things over and over again – it can be bugging and boring. But when you come into trading you get to do an entirely different thing with entirely different set of skills and entirely different purpose. We get to be in the other world that is exciting and very different.

For some of us it is a dream come true especially when there is earning the money involved.


But is trading as a hobby all so good? We’ll get to the truth!