With time passing we at toolstrades are afraid that you can forget about the possibilities and additional services that we are offering to our registered users and our PRO users. And we want all of our users to use as much of our services as possible to be successful in the markets.



That is why we think that it is high time to remind you about two of our very important servicers that we have.


First one is WhatsApp service, where you are going to be able to receive our WhatsApp signals two times a day. This service is available for our PRO users only. If you want to become a PRO user with us, talk to our agents in the chat box and find out, ho you can activate your PRO subscription.



All of our users, however, have access to our Telegram service. To get that, you just need to ask for it in the chat box! It is that easy.


So, we really want all of you to use the full spectrum of the services that we provide. That is why you shouldn’t miss your opportunity. Just talk to out agents in the chat box and find out how you can make your trading even more profitable and successful!

 The team of Toolstrades.