adviceHaving an education in the field where you work in the modern world is not that necessary but it can certainly help those who are seeking to grow and reach the heights of the new career. But as I already said, the abundance of the information and the possibilities to learn online outside of the classroom makes things a lot easier.


Of course you cannot become nuclear physicist from doing an online course, but something easier like an accountant or a trader… these skills can be easily acquired at home in front of your computer.


But do you actually need some educational background in order to become a successful trader? Do you need to spend time in online course or even acquiring a degree in mathematics and/or finances in order to become a trader?


I would say that it certainly helps. Having mathematical knowledge beyond basic addition and subtraction. You have to see and understand the numbers. You need to look deeper into the performance of the market and you need to understand all of the formulas which are used in calculation of the oscillators.


Economic management would also come in handy in case you are willing to turn trading into your main source of income. In that


 case you are going to have to know how to count you spendings and how much you can afford to lose; your topping up of the count and your winnings – everything is going to need to be counted and you are the one who is going to have to count all of it.


Plus, I would say that basic financial management knowledge is just a good skill that you can acquire through life.


But do you REALLY need all of that knowledge?


Well, I would say that all of those millions of traders in any segment of the market would say – no. No you do not.


The only thing that you really need in order to be successful in the markets is just your desire to be successful and your willingness to be patient. Do you need a whole other education for this? Doesn’t seem so.


So, even if you do not have a special education, do not worry – you have all the chances to become a rich successful person via trading just by… well, trading.


So enjoy your trading and never doubt your knowledge and your skill. Everything comes with time, especially in this field.