From time to time there comes the situation when we just want to give up. It feels like we are powerless and can do nothing. We do not feel like going further and can’t really master the power for further actions.



entry priceDoes that sound familiar?


Yes, yes, you are on the verge of giving up of you are feeling like this. And the further you go and push through, the more likely it is that you are going to give up and never look back. And the scary thing for us is that no part of life is insured against this feeling. Even trading.


As you know, only a small percentage of traders who start out can really achieve anything and not give up in the first months of their trading practice. Why? Well, there are a lot of reasons. Some are feeling alone and scared to lose all of their money. Some can’t find the time for running their trading. Some are running out of money pretty quickly due to the poor monetary management. And some are just getting tired of the information and constant need for it. And that is completely natural.


But by giving up trading they are giving up huge opportunities to earn more money than they could ever make at work. They are giving up the possibilities for a better life and for a brighter future. Is that too much? Well, we have to be realistic here – our world is run by money. And the more you have, the better life you are going to have – that is just a harsh reality that we have to live in every day.



And so, you have probably been trading for a while, right? And now you need to face yourself and ask yourself some questions – am I getting tired? Am I burning out? Am I going to be one of the people who are going to give up trading?


In order to escape this fate there are several things that you can do:


1. Take long breaks between trading session. It is not obligatory to trade every day. It is better to give yourself a couple of days to decompress and feel rested again than to trade with no stop.


2. Find another hobby not connected with trading and finances. This is going to give you the possibility to take your mind off of charts, patterns and trends when you most need it.


3. Use trading signals when you do not feel like following the trend. This is going to rid of the need to follow ALL THE NEWS IN THE WORLD.


4. Talk to your agent. This way you are not going to feel completely alone and helpless.


costsThese are the four easy thing that you can do in order to see and think clearly. These are the things that you need to do when you feel like you can just give up trading altogether.


But the thing that has always been unclear to me is how can one possibly give up trading? Not only it gives you the money, it gives you the rush of winning, it gives you the possibility to know and understand so much more, it gives you a whole other life to live.


And isn’t that the best thing in the whole world?