As we all know reports as well as major events in economic and political world can influence the performance of the currencies. And some of the events are to be watched as closely as possible. And although we are only in the second day of this trading week we are already awaiting the end of it as we are going to witness a major event.


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USD/CAD relationship are going to be out on the line due to the unemployment rate of Canada published THIS FRIDAY – April, 5. If the unemployment rate is too high we are going to see CAD plummet down as the currency is already wrapped in the scandal with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The higher the number of unemployed people in Canada is. The less support CAD is going to get. As a result, its performance in the world markets is under a serious threat at the moment as well as our earnings during this unstable period.


We are waiting for the unemployment rate report and I highly recommend that you use your trading signals as much as possible on USD/CAD couple prior to the report and especially on Friday when we are going to publisg the POWER SIGNAL for the couple