EUR/USD is the most popular currency couple in the markets. It is accounted for about 60 percent of all the trades. And yet we are often left in the dark when it comes to the main points of trading it.

For every couple there is something that moves it, the best time to trade it and perks of choosing it. Цhat are they in EUR/USD trading?

Here are the answers to the main questions of EUR/USD trading.


1. Time of trading.

2. What moves the couple?

3. Advantages of trading.


1. Time of trading.

eurusd 1

Currency market has one specific feature – it is open 24/5. All because at some point during the day the markets open somewhere. And It would seem that all over the world activity on the same couple is on the same level. But it is in fact not entirely accurate.

During the hours when European and British market are open – that is the best and most active time of EUR/USD trading.

Similarly, when Canada and USA are open, that is when the best time comes to trade CAD and USD.

So, what are the best hours for trading the most popular currency couple? When London and New York stock exchanges are open – so 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM GMT.

REMEMBER that you need to adjust this time zone to your home time zone if you want to participate in EUR/USD most active trading.


2. What moves the couple?

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A lot of factors can move the couple. With EUR/USD the main engine behind the price is the relative strength of the two economies. As USA and Europe are two major and two very strong [with USA actually being the strongest in the world] economies it is no wonder that their respective currencies are in a kind of a rivalry.

The battle goes like this: American economy is much stronger than the European one, but European in its turn is developing swiftly and has several participants – in case one of the strongest members of Eurozone fails it is not going to be a catastrophe as there is always some country that is ready to support euro. America on the other hand is all alone and even though the currency of it is used all over the world, there is no way that if USA goes into the default the world is going to support it.


3. Advantages of trading.

eurusd 3

As a currency couple EUR/USD has both – advantages and disadvantages of trading it. But why focus on the bad things? I decided to look at the pluses of EUR/USD trading.


We will talk about them some other time.

  • The EUR to USD couple trades in more than 30% spot trades;
  • 40% of spot trades are made in euro;
  • 90% of spot trades are carried out in USD;
  • EUR/USD pairing has an extremely active trading environment;
  • EUR/USD has a very competitive pricing environment, which can result in larger profits for the investors;
  • Multiple spreads are available.

All and all we have looked and answered the three main questions of EUR/USD couple, but a really important thing to know here is the fact that you are free to choose whatever couple you deem fit for your attention. Although it is doubtful that you are going to manage to escape from EUR/USD trading,