Today we have to prepare ourselves for great turbulence in USD. Of course, we as traders have to be prepared for this all the time, but today is a special day. Today we are going to hear the speech by Donald Trump. And we all know that the more Donald Trump speaks, the more damage he can cause to the markets and to USD. And today the speech is especially important as we are still waiting for Iran-USA conflict to be resolved, or at least commented more deeply by American president. And we hope that we are going to be able to get all the explanation that we need today.


usd 8.01.2020


What are we waiting for in particular? We want to hear the reasons for Trump stepping into war in the Middle East. He has been known for criticizing President Obama for it, but now he is making the same mistakes and that is just weird. Even though Trump was never known for logic, this time we really want to know what drove him to this. Surely, the speech that he is going to give will also grease upon the topics of economy and joblessness level in the USA. This means that traders and investors are going to get a broader look into the US economy – just what we need at the moment.


Are you prepared to hear Trump’s speech and make your own conclusion as to the future of American currency and economy? I sure am! And I will never do it without trading signals to help me trade through it.