7 ways to become rich in 2019. 

Becoming rich is a life-long dream for most of us. And it is a tricky process. But, I know what to do. We just need to start living with the new habits. Easy? No. Interesting? Yes! So, why wait?

Here is a list of 7 habits you can adopt to become rich in 2019.


1. Automate your investment.

2. Put aside your spare change to invest later.

3. Save and invest your presents.

4. Surround yourself with accomplished people.

5. Put a track on your spending.

6. Feel deserving of the riches.

7. Prepare for hardships.


automate1. Automate your investment.

There are a lot of apps that are going to invest your money for you. There are even those that are going to put down trades for you – all you need to do is state your preference to the program and the rest is going to be done without your help. Passive money – all without you having to do anything.

Automating your financial plan is one of the best habits which is going to help you live richer and fuller without even trying.



change2. Put aside your spare change to invest later.

Or, just like in the first entry you can get an app to do that for you. But seriously. Change is dying out bit by bit. And we really do no need it in our day-to-day life. So, why bother and try and spend it when we can keep it and bring to the bank later.

You do know that banks are legally bound to take your change and exchange the coins for the money of a bigger face value. It is a real money on your pocket. Plus, you can invest it via your preferred way. That is the money you were not using anyway. So why not let it work for you?


present3. Save and invest your presents.

You know those checks and cash that you are getting from the people on all of the holidays? Do not go and blow it off. It is better to save it. Deposit it in a bank and increase your interest numbers. Invest it into an ambitious and promising or already solid and profitable business. Either way – do something interesting with it.




4. Surround yourself with accomplished people.

You need to reach for the stars. That is why you need to surround yourself with successful, striving and interesting people. Those with anger and envy should be left behind and never looked back on. Remember the golden rule – you are going to be alike to your surroundings. And that is why it is important to be around people that you want to be like.



track compressor5. Put a track on your spending.

Spending without any system stops now. How are you going to earn and safe more if you do not know how much you are actually spending? Especially on different special occasions. cups of coffee to go, eating out ad different things that you do not necessarily need at the moment. Only a good tracking habit is going to help you here.



deserving6. Feel deserving of the riches.

Look at all of the successful people. Have you ever heard from them ‘I am not good enough’, ‘I do not deserve my success’, ‘I shouldn’t be where I am’. Of course not! Because they were building themselves up from the very beginning knowing, that they were deserving of all of the riches of the world. If they hadn’t thought like that they would never have ended up where they are. So… feeling undeserving? I hope not, because you absolutely are!


hardship7. Prepare for hardships.

Unfortunately, success is not without its hardships. It is possible to fail after all. Even the most successful people had their share of failures. And that is absolutely fine. You need to be used to this thought. After all, everything sooner or later is going to end in success for you.






Which one of these you already adopted? Tell me in the comments!