British traders were out for a long holiday yesterday but today as everything is back to business it seems that they are going to come back to a pleasant surprise – stronger pound. British currency is prone to harshly react to only one thing these days – Brexit. And just a few months earlier we had the possibility to see traders getting into panic mode over Great Britain and EU divorce agreement. But today when the situation is more or less settled although there are rumors that Theresa May has a very strong opposition that is going to try and squeeze her out of her position. And we might see the signs of this today. But trades are not scared – they just want to trade GBP/USD.


gbpusd 7.05.2019


With Brexit settled and delayed GBP traders try and successfully manage to assist the currency in growth. The British currency is experiencing a very strong uptrend today.


Regardless of whether we are going to see political instability and May being ousted from the position or not we are going to have to use our trading signals to know what moves GBP/USD is going to make as we go.