Today is going to be a rater calm day for the currency market. Which is a good thing for all of us – after yesterday’s surge of the greenback and the pressure it put on all of the other currencies, we are glad that we are going to get a little breather in order to fixate on something else. For example, on stock market. Stocks are very important to the well-being of the economy – they indicate how good the country’s climate is for the growth and development of big companies. And it seems that Americans are doing something right as their stock market is booming right now.


Apple stocks are breaching new and new heights every day, it seems. Latest earnings report did a company a big favor and gave it a boost no one could ever hope for.


aapl 6.11.2019


Facebook has also greased a very high point as American stock market was nearing closure yesterday, despite it ending the day on the lower note, growth is still predicted for the shares here.


fb 6.11.2019


Tesla rose and even breached $320 per shares point, but was knocked down by the investors before it could firmly stand there.


tsla 6.11.2019


All in all, American stock market is doing better than we could imagine. With little retracements, all of the major names are adding up in the price. What does this indicate? Well. Only that despite all of the bad things happening in the economic world, USA still managed to create an environment where big companies are only expanding and can feel pretty good right now, which gives us the perfect possibility to trade them on a slow Wednesday.


Use your trading signals for stock to see whether the growth is going to resume once the stock market is open.