Easy-to-execute tips for staying focused during forex trading. 

Trading is extremely interesting, but even this activity requires extra attention and extra focus. It is extremely important to understand – even when our money is on the line we need to be reminded to stay focused. And that is not always easy. So, what do we need to stay focused during forex trading?

After reading these points you are going find it staying focused much easier. Let’s roll!

aim1. Do not trade under pressure or in the bad mood.

2. Get a hobby outside of trading.

3. Learn the markets.

4. Chose the truth.

5. Get rid of all of the distractions.

1. Do not trade under pressure or in the bad mood.

We all know that trading under pressure or in the bad mood... in fact doing ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING when in a bad mood is not a good idea. It doesn’t matter whether you are dealing with personal issues, or have reached the monthly losses or stay focusedgains or just didn’t have enough sleep last night – trading like that is not going to be enjoyable for you, let alone profitable.

The most proper way to deal with this problem is simply not to trade in this mood. You can wait for several hours and go back to your account with better mood. That is always better than going into trades under personal pressure.

Having the right mood is not going to avert your thought from trading and is going to help you be more focused, while having a bad mood is going to keep destructing you back to the source of it.


2. Get a hobby outside of trading.

It is extremely good – to have such interest in what you do that it has even become your hobby. But spending your day with forex, only to shut your account down and still being submerged into the markets. Of course, you need to know your field of expertise, but fully giving your time to it can’t possibly be good.

Your head needs to rest. If you are overexposed to a certain information you are going to lose interest to it pretty fast and your focus is going to wobble.

Do something completely unrelated. Paint, read novels, crochet, if you like it. Stay away from the specific information.


3. Learn the markets.

That being said, you do need to know your market. It an extremely speculative field and you are the one driving it. That is why knowing your field is going to decrease the level of stress for you. you are not going to go away to check whether your strategy is right or to talk to your broker. That simply messes with your potential performance and gets all the focus away from trading.

Plus, you focus is not going to be compromised by not understanding why the price has been moving in one or the other direction, and that is the main reason why the traders lose the source in forex trading – not getting the grasp of market’s movements.

That Is why getting to know your market is a MUST, when it comes to trading forex.


4. Chose the truth.

Let’s cut to the chase. We are reading so much in the span of the day, that after a while we just keep seeing everything as a truthful and reliable information. But that is not true. You need to learn to ‘block out the noise’ stop listening to everyone and believing everything you read. That is th white noise that will eventually get to you.

What is the scariest thing that can happen because of this, will you ask? I’ll tell you – in a while you are going to start doubting your every action. ‘Oh no, George from finances told me that euro is going to go down, maybe I should read up on this, yep, that’s the article that says the same, but wait. Here is the disproval…’ BBOM! Focus lost. Now you are drowning in quite unnecessary information that is only driving you away from the initial trading.

That is what is going to happen eventually, is you keep listening to everything the people around you say. In order not to lose you trading focus you need to listen to your trading instinct and intuition. In short – keep your own focus.


get rid

5. Get rid of all of the distractions.

Just like in any other job and pretty much with any other activity, in the beginning distractions like background noise, music, other people’s presence and everything else can cause great harm by easily distracting you and beating off your focus.

That is why, especially in the beginning, it is important to be in the quiet environment all by yourself – just you and your thoughts. No one else. That is going to improve your focusing abilities and help your success rate be higher. So, clean up your desk, turn down the music and close your windows. Better turn everything on again in a coup of month when trading become your familiar environment.


How did you get rid of the distractions and kept your focus while forex trading? tell you story in the comments!