It is a tough question – should we trust market makers and experts in the field? Because if we are to trust them unconditionally, then we might have missed the opportunity to earn with the surge of Apple shares – stocks of the company went to the highest level of all times and that is not the first time in these past few months that we have seen a behavior like that. But experts say that all of this is a mere retracement in the overall strong downtrend. And who are we to listen to? Experts or ourselves? Well, first we have to deal with the reasons for the grows and only after that can we draw any conclusions.


aapl 4.11.2019


Apple called for doubts in us after the release of the newest iPhone. After all, we have talked multiple times about the pricing failure that was iPhone X. And seeing that the situation has changed, brought a lot of hope in the future of the company. On the other hand, it is clear that we all understand – gadgets market is overpopulated and overindulged. Sooner or later those, connected with the filed are going to start losing audience and profits as people are not going to need more of the phones. But here it is easy to see – Apple are no longer earning with their gadgets. There are earning with their brand alone. Plus, they are expanding and moving onto being a streaming and gaming service. And THAT is bound to being a lot of money as these two fields are in huge demand right now.


And so, who are we to believe? Well, right now it is better to believe our own eyes, as with them we can clearly see – the highest level of all times is set only for today. The growth is only going to extend itself.


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