Security service of Ukraine made a mistake that has raised eyebrows of the investors around the world.

1. Euro

All of the major news sources have only been talking about Italian situation yesterday as were we. It is hard not to think of what the consequences of the premature elections can be, given that everyone thinks that the elections may quickly turn into pro/against-European movement. There is no confidence in the future of euro even now when all of the passions about the question have seemingly gone to sleep.

As the new trading day approached, we can see that euro has recovered a little positions against the greenback, costing $1.1688 against yesterday’s $1.1617. That is about 0.2 percent growth in 24 hours. Not bad, huh? But does this mean that for now euro is on the safe side again? We would say no. although the growth may be stable for now the talks about the elections will doubtfully fade away. And sadly for the currency and its traders that is not the only thing rocking the boat for now. Let’s not forget about Brexit. Yes, Britain was never a part of Eurozone, but that doesn’t mean that in a year, when Brexit is finalized euro will not be hit.

Sure, there is plenty of time before May 2019 and there is no way to predict what the future holds for euro, but seems that whatever makes EU vulnerable makes their currency vulnerable as well. And lately EU has been having a lot of problems. Together with refugees, Brexit, Ukrainian conflict with Russia, natural gas delivery and so on Europe seems particularly vulnerable. So as to trading and holding euros right now, the situation seems the same – the risk is too high.

1. Dollar

Seems that American officials are not ready to give up on the nuclear peace for the world as the second day of nuclear negotiations start in New York. But is it all about the historical meeting or is it about Trump’s efforts to demonstrate the ability of his administration to stabilize US dollar?

A week ago Trump announced that because of the disagreements on the nuclear deal his meeting with Kin Jong Un is going to be cancelled. But as the initial date if the meeting – June, 12 – approaches his administration tries to save it. And it seems that what they really try to do it to bring back the performance the greenback had last week when the growth which was ongoing for several days in row brought dollar to the new heights against the basket of major currencies.

The growth was due to the tariffs with China being talked over and settled and North Korea summit being prepared. Dollar was in heaven – confidence on the America and dollar was growing. But now everything has changed. Thanks to the unpredictable policies of Trump, investors beginto doubt their intentions with American economy. It is hard to say when the dark period will end for the American currency as the situation doesn’t really look all that bad – the stability and growth is there for the time-being but for how long? Withy president Trump trying to bring all the jobs and productions back to America he is shutting out all of the American partners. And that obviously is not going to bring more strength to the currency in the long run.

1. hryvnia

Assassination of Arkady Babchenko  - Russian journalist who is an outspoken critic of current Russian regime was the talk of the town yesterday. Even Russian and American representatives in the UN were talking about ii on the briefing yesterday. But all of the tragedy appeared to have been staged in order to catch the killer and to know who ordered for Babchenko to be killed off. Of course, all of the finger were immediately pointing towards Russian ruling elite, but it now seems that Ukrainian state security service has done more bad than good with this special operation.

Only after 20 hours about his own murder Babchenko, to everybody’s surprise has appeared on the briefing of the state security service. There was a lot of joy among Ukrainian journalists and Babchenko himself has apologized for the pain he might have cause to all of his friends and family. But now when euphoria has been lived over it seems that international community is not as impressed with the whole operation as Ukrainians are. Right now the main question is whether Ukraine s a trustworthy country.

It is no secret that economy of this Eastern European country is not nearly is good as it used to be. Annexation of Crimea and war on the East has weakened national currency hryvnia and economy sank as much as three times. Is one dollar cost 8 hryvnias back in 2013, right now the exchange rate is about 26 hryvnias for a dollar. Of course, Ukraine needed help from the international partners and a lot of investment from the richest o the world. And right uo to this day there was no problem with getting all the help but now all of that is in jeopardy.

Investing into the country that can fool the whole world so masterfully is a weird endeavor no matter the hunger for the risk. There are plenty of the markets that can hold and even multiply the investments of every trader and they do that with respect.