Political climate if the country is very important to traders around the world. After all policies of the whole government are determining the future relationship of the national currency with the rest of the world and that in its turn is a perfect way to measure the support and strength of the currency. As we are looking at Great Britain today we wonder – what is going to happen with pound? Although given that Theresa May – the Prime Minister of Great Britain announced yesterday that she is not going to stay on at her position as soon as Brexit deal is accepted by the parliament we can say that pound is doing just fine.


gbpusd 28.03.2019


Falls and gains – everything is too rapid and too abrupt. Of course it is the best example of what we could have got with political climate like that, but it is still disappointing.


Are you prepared to trust pound to recover and trade it with no support? I wouldn’t be so sure of anything these days. Better use your trading signals to know for sure!