Yesterday people around the globe celebrated Christmas. Santa Clause visited billions of houses and put presents under billions of Christmas trees. And of course, we as traders hoped that we were going to get something from Santa as well, even if we did not celebrate yesterday. And of course, Santa was pretty kind to us, as he brought us growing GBP/USD couple. Neat, huh?


gbpusd 26.12.2019


Yes, GBP managed to grown even though there is next to no liquidity right now. Plus, the growth of GBP is a wonder. A miracle, so to say. You know, because all the Brexit. Yes, yes. Brexit has spoiled a lot of things for us. It has been the reason for declines all around the markets and GBP suffered a lot of losses at its ‘hand’. And what do we see right now?


Seems with liquidity so low around the holidays traders and investors are prepared to overlook Brexit ordeal and Brexit risk in order to have something to trade. And that I can understand. While the markets are lacking activity and while there is only a handful of traders there we will trade whatever is given to us. And GBP is giving us a perfect possibility to earn right now. Does that mean that this growth is going to reverse once we come back to a normal trading pace? Probably. Well, we have to mind such a possibility anyway.


Surely, trading signals are going to come in handy now and in the nearest future as well, won’t they?