Oh, what a week! Looking at the four passed days now, I wonder how we managed to trade through times like that at all! And one of the most tiresome fact is that trading is not completely over for this week. We still have to manage to claw our way through today’s markets. And trust me, despite the end of the week, they are not going to go easy on us. Too much is happening for our favorite assets to be calm or grow. Take the same very USD. It has been the reason for our nervous ticking yesterday and unfortunately there is no reason why this should change today. After all, as we know, last night there were also changes and reports which led to today’s weird and pretty unstable position of the greenback in the markets and as a result a pretty unstable position for all of the currency couples including the USD.


usd 20.09.2019


Despite good economic data, USD is still down today. But why? Well, it seems that national Business Outlook numbers were not nearly as good as the markets expected. The decline came as a result of the fall in the prices for sub-indices: trade index based on the performance of a particular group or type of stocks. And yes, while it is not completely clear, as what this has to do with anything, it is clear that this is just another way of saying that small companies with tiny stocks are not doing so well in the conditions of such hostile economy, built by Trump. It is no wonder that USD is not feeling supported and slides down today.


The only thing we can do is wait for the elections which is going to come in a year. Only then we are going to be able to see what American economy is suffering from really – when Trump is gone from the office (hopefully for the whole world).


But until then trading signals are going to be of great help to us.