It seems that we were worried about American economy for nothing. Of course we all saw what it was behaving like as of late and what signs it was displaying – crisis ones – but we were panicking too much, it seems. At least this is the conclusions that we all can make from watching at EUR/USD couple today.


eurusd 2.09.2019


Unexpectedly, we can see that dollar is getting stronger and stronger as can be evidenced by growth at American stock market as well – after all Dow Jones is only growing and is preparing for hitting new and new strong points. EUR/USD in its turn is hitting low points – multi-year low points, to be exact. And this is exactly what worried us today – with greenback growing and growing it is going to be very hard to trade in the next few days. We are going to meet troubles like we see in EUR/USD everywhere. And that is simply not what we need right now. Not with so many problems coming our way in the future – we need to at least live and trade though a coming no-deal Brexit.


Right now the biggest fear is to see another financial crisis where any trading is going to be hard and next to impossible. If a string dollar and low EUR/USD are the price that we have to pay for the absences of crisis, so be it.


Plus, we always have trading signals that can tell us what to do in a situation like we have today.