News from all around the world for traders.


News from all around the world for traders.


New governor for Central Bank of China.


Yi Gang gained a position of the governor of central bank of China. His nomination was approved by Chinese congress. Top economic adviser of China Liu He Xi was named vice premier which means that he will be the one calling all the shots and Yi is there to support him.

"The main task is that we should implement prudent monetary policy, push forward the reform and opening-up of the financial sector, and maintain the stability of the entire financial sector," Yi told reporters Monday.

Yi has already stated that he will continue the policy of his predecessor, meaning that financial liberalization is there to stay.

Putin re-elected for the 4th term.

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Vladimir Putin current Russian President was re-elected for the next term in the elections, held in Russia yesterday. Elections were very much controlled by the international community and Putin claims that he won with 77 percent votes being given in his favor.

Putin has been ruling the country for 18 years and his regime is one of the most controversial on Earth. Even these elections were nor safe from it.

For start they cannot be considered legitimate as the votes were also cast in Crimea, which Russia annexed from Ukraine in 2014. World community didn’t acknowledge annexation and has been calling to Russia to give it back under the threat of sanctions. The measures didn’t work so far and with Putin having won this election the standoff between Russia and West will go on for at least next 6 years.

Putin, now 65 will not be able to go for the next elections unless the age restriction are changed constitutionally.

With G-20 forum being prepared Bitcoin recovering from lows.

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At the end of last week Bitcoin fell lower than the point of 8000 USD. That became the reason for the panic and selloff at the market. It went through the weekend and today the behavior of the coin can only be named recovering.

For now, Bitcoin is traded at the point of $8398 per coin. This is promising but experts are prone to name upcoming G-20 forum as the reason for recovery. It is also a milestone for the market spectators with them hoping to see at least some guidelines in the topic of crypto regulation.

“The biggest concern the regulators have is just that they don’t want unsuspecting consumers to get caught up in something they’re not familiar with, so they’re always erring on the side of caution,” said Stephen Innes, head of trading operations for Asia Pacific with Oanda.

Stocks, currencies and crude overview.

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Stoxx Europe 600 Index is down 0.2 percent.

MSCI Emerging markets went lower by 0.4 percent.

MSCI Asia Pacific lost 0.3 percent and that brought that Index to the lowest point in more than a week.

S&P 500 Futures went down 0.2 percent – also the lowest point for the index in more than a week.

Highest point in three weeks was breached by the greenback: 0.1 percent advance against the basket of six major currencies.

Yen went up 0.1 percent to the point of 105.93 yen per dollar – strongest point intwo weeks for the currency.

Pound stands strong - $1.3938.

Euro went down 0.2 percent - $1.2268 – lowest point for the united European currency in two weeks.

WTI crude costs 0.5 percent less - $62.03 per barrel.

Gold fell 0.4 percent - $1308.92 an ounce – that is the worst performance for the metal in 11 weeks.