Trading today is going to be anything but easy and sunny, that is a guarantee. All of the major currencies, except for JPY are going to experience turbulence. And here it is enough to know that USD is going to experience turbulence. Everything else pretty much becomes irrelevant when we find out that USD is going to experience shakes. Today is a very important day for USD. A lot of important reports are going to come out today.


Today we are going to see crude oil inventories, FOMC economic report and statement, which is a statement and report by Federal Reserve – two tools used by American government to communicate with traders and give possible hints on the future policies and changes in them. There is also going to be a sit-down to review short term rate policies as well as the following press conference. As you can see, there are simply no non-important reports and occasions today. And despite the fact that all of this is going to come later in the day, it seems that traders are already preferring to get rid of USD.


usd 18.09.2019


But why? Well, the situation in the USA may seem too unstable for us to not do anything. Oil inventories were enough to send us over the edge. But you throw rate decision into the equation and there you have it – a day too important to ignore and too harsh to try and trade trough it with poker face.


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