Those who follow the market very precise may notice that today we see a recovery in a lot of assets and multiple segments of the market. Why is that? Well, recovery in Asia is all due to economic data in the county. Good data that we have been seeing are lifting the spirits up there. But in general gold, euro and oil are growing because of the flow of traders to the segments of the market. And that can only mean one thing – the drop of the dollar.


usd 17.04.2019


And yes. If we look at the chart of greenback’s movements for today, we are going to see the drop of the greenback that we have been talking about. The reasons for the drop is probably the fact that today is a very important day and trader’s community sees the opportunity to earn in other segments of the markets and with other currencies that might experience growth due to the multiple reports coming out today.


With movement like that we need to be very sure what can be sols and what can be bought. Use your trading signals today to find out what is safe and what is not!