Even though we were hoping for the EUR/USD performance to be smooth today it seems that we are going to have to wait for that. Today we as well are going to face a lot of things, including a speech from German President himself. It is possible that he is going to make a statement on the state of German economy and future plans for euro and no one said that this statement is going to be all good. It is possible that among all of the reports and news we once again are going to see EUR/USD take a fall.


eurusd 16.05.2019


Of course the chart of the couple is more smooth right now and there is even a slight uptrend, it seems that traders are still waiting for today to pass to make a final decision. EUR/USD is still at a pretty high risk for uneven performance today.


It is obvious that we are not going to get that calm and even trading that we are hoping for. And that means that our use of trading signals is a must right now.