With all the markets being mostly shaky or in the red there are concerns about the geopolitical situation in the Middle East and the way it may influence oil prices in the world.

With all the markets being mostly shaky or in the red there are concerns about the geopolitical situation in the Middle East and the way it may influence oil prices in the world.

Google presented a new development.


Google has presented the newest addition to the recent endeavors of the conglomerate – Duplex bot. its main feature is that it can imitate human speech so well that there I no program in existence that can recognize it from real human speech. In order to test Duplex, it will be asked to call people’s phone as a telemarketer. Users will be warned that they are talking to robots.

The abilities of the bot to imitate human speech were demonstrated at the developers’ conference last week. Bot had to make a call to the barbers’ shop in order to book the time for the haircut. Robot was using pre-recorded phrases, made pauses in the speech and was even able o rephrase itself. Duplex learned to speak by “listening” to a lot of people talk.

Google officials have stated that they have evaluated all the possible consequences of robot’s development and implementation of all the new technologies.

It was also stated that all the developers and overseers of the experiment understand the importance of all the technologies being see-through and understandable. They would also appreciate every opinion coming from the outside of the company and will take into consideration all of the suggestions. Of course, the robot couldn’t go without having disturbed some of the scientists. Some were awed, but some were really scared by Duplex. One member of the scientific society took it to Twitter to express his opinion: "Horrifying. Silicon Valley is ethically lost, rudderless and has not learned a thing."

Oil output cut by Saudi Arabia.


Political tensions in the Middle East are stirring more and more uncertainty among traders. Growing tensions between Palestine and Israel are getting more and more sharp after the troops of the two countries have clashed and there were losses from both sides. The reason for fire became US embassy opening in Jerusalem. Of course, America backing out of Iranian deal is hurting the geopolitical situation n the region as well.

In the meantime amidst all of the crisis, Saudi Arabia has been cutting on oil output since the first months of 2017 and for the first time the minimal amount of crude was pumped just a few days ago. All of the OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) have also followed Arabian example with only Iran outputting more. One of the analysists from Sumitomo Corporation Global Research Co stated: “The clash in Israel worsened market sentiment over geopolitical risks in the Middle East, even though it wouldn’t directly impact oil’s supply and demand. Saudi Arabia appears to be focusing more on pushing up crude higher rather than restoring the balance in oil’s supply and demand, and that is underpinning prices.”

After Trump withdrawal from 2015 nuclear deal, signed by Obama prices for oil skyrocketed, hitting the highest points in four years. And now markets are still waiting for the OPEC decision on the future behavior of the Organization as some other countries are going to end cutting the output and will increase production like Russia, for example.

Futures for oil are traded around $71 per barrel. For example, WTI crude for June costs $70.89 per barrel today, after coming closer to $71 - $70.96 per barrel on Monday. Brent futures cost $78.21 per barrel.

Stocks, currencies and crude overview.

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Dollar getting stronger, European currencies are struggling to find their ground and oil standing still – such are the highlights of the situation in the market today.

MSCI All-Country World went lower by 0.2 percent.

MSCI Emerging Market fell 0.9 percent.

MSCI Asia Pacific experienced the largest drop in a week - -0.7 percent.

Stoxx Europe 600 Index lost about 0.05 percent.

S&P 500 Futures declined 0.2 percent.

FTSE from UK grew 0.1 percent.

Greenback gained 0,1 percent against the basket of six major currencies,

Euro gained 0.05 percent - $1.1932.

Pound lost 0.05 percent - $1.355.

Yen lost 0.2 percent - $109.86 – the lowest point in more than three month.

WTI crude went 0.1 percent lower - $70.87 per barrel.

Gold lost 0.1 - $1.311.90 per ounce.