August has been very good to the most popular couple in the market so far. EUR/USD has been growing even despite the fact that there are too many changes and developments in the region. Even the single Boris Johnson appointment was supposed to be enough to bring the couple down, but it seems that we as traders are simply not ready to give up EUR/USD trading for now. Of course this is reflected in the performance of the couple which has been gaining points for the last week. There was a scary moment of European currency having sank to the low level of beyond $1.11 but we are back on track at the moment.


But the situation may soon change for euro.


eurusd 12.08.2019


You see, although attention was all shifted to the growth of euro right now we are getting into the waiting mode once again. Soon we are due to see new set of economic data from Germany as well as economic sentiment from all of the EU. This means that we are going to see some changes in the EUR/USD chart. And these two reports are not the only ones which are going to change a lot for the most popular couple in the markets. We are also expected to be more careful around the couple which of course is going to disrupt the perfect growth we can see right now.


So for now – enjoy the growth.


Even though the reports are quite far away from us we need to start preparing for the changes right now. Start using your trading signals to the fullest extent to be fully prepared.