As always speeches of the heads of Central Banks attract our attention. It has been so for decades and why should it change today? Well of course it is not going to change overnight. And that is why traders once again are cautious and are waiting. What for? Well, the speech of the head of the European Central Bank Mario Draghi of course. It is due later in the day.

Draghi is known for dropping subtle clues on the future of interest rates and that is exactly why traders are usually very keen on listening to him.


eurusd 12.06.2019


Interest rates policies usually influence our trading pretty heavy as with changed interest rates, the currency changes as well. And of course changes in the performance of EUR/USD are always the hardest ones to overcome. After all it is the most popular currency in the market. One can say that it is the most influential as we are watching it most vigorously. And while right now the couple is on the rise it is not clear yet what we are going to see later in the day as it is possible to see the situation getting worse due to the bad economic data from Germany.


EUR/USD hasn’t had the easiest time around. Germany has really spoiled the situation for the couple and for its trading. That is why trading signals have come so handy when it comes to the recent trading of the couple.