Today is the day that is going to be marked by meeting of the International Monetary Fund. Although not as scary as the World Bank meeting, it can still cause us a lot of problems. This is the meeting that is open to the press. That means that everything that is said in it is immediately known to traders. And it is known that meeting like this are tightly tied with volatility. And even though right now the meeting hasn’t even started yet, we can already see a little bit of this effect on USD.


usd 12.04.2019


Dollar already started preparing for the meeting and even though there is no reason for the greenback to decrease, that is the movement that we seem to see right now. What does that mean? That is a simple effect from the anticipation that traders take out on dollar.



Anyway, with the meeting of that importance it is hard to predict what can happen in the markets today. Thinks of trading signals as if they are your best trading friends today