Change. No one likes that. But it is ultimately inevitable. And in trading especially. That is why we have to be very careful today – we might just become the victim of change of the performance in one of the major currencies – in EUR.


Eurozone is too involved into the discussion of Brexit and we are too preoccupied with the thoughts of the future of both euro and pound. But we also need to remember that the world doesn’t stop. Eurozone moves on and there is economic and political life outside of the Brexit discussions. And those are very important as well. Those are also influential and they also can influence our lives and out trading.


eurusd 11.10.2019


Like today – today we are waiting for ECOFIN meeting. This is the meeting of the most important and the most influential financial decision making body of Eurozone. This is the body that regulates financial situation in 28 countries. Their decisions have a lot of effect in Eurozone, long-term too. This means that today we are going to come face to face with tough decisions and possible changes in euro performance. So, watch out for that.


Fortunately for that, the turbulence can be compensated by using trading signals.