As we all know – it is a tradition at Apple. Every September the company gathers its CEO and its highest management in order to present their newest production to the public. Thousands of people gather in California to see the event first hand and millions of fans of Apple products are watching the event live on the Internet. And this day has come!

Every year these events are marked by the presentation of the newest iPhone – something that people are watching with the biggest possible interest. But. Every year now we see the same story playing out. We see the same iPhones coming out and costing much more than a phone should cost. And every year the launch of the new model of iPhone is marked by the fall in shares of Apple. Will that happen this year as well?

appl 10.09.2019

Well, that is the possibility. Especially if Apple are not going to learn their lesson – too high pricing is killing their products and the cost of their shares as well. That especially becomes evident during Christmas season, when their newest models are not selling as well as the company anticipates which sends their shares into a chaotic selloff due to the lack of profits. Of course that is not the best scenario and of course over the years, traders have already learned this pattern all too well. That is why it is no wonder if we are going to see the fall in the pricing for Apple’s shares today already.

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