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Global markets are rallying on Monday as Trump’s tax reform boost sentiment. The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) just launched its own Bitcoin futures trading. Brexit talks advance to the next phase that will decide the future trade relations between the two blocs. Here are the top things to know for today’s trading in financial markets.

More developments are coming this Friday as focus returns to the U.S. tax bill reform. Meanwhile, the Dollar was slightly lower amid concerns over the tax bill execution. The British Pound continues to struggle over Brexit complications. Elsewhere in the U.S. Trump reacted positively to the mega deal between Disney and Fox. Here’s the top things to know this Friday.

Markets players will focus on Central Banks policy announcements today to see where the global economy is headed. Meanwhile, global stocks are mixed, digesting yesterday’s Fed rate hike and its outlook for 2018. The Dollar was dropping after the announcement but recovered in early trading this morning. Here’s all you need to know for today’s trading.

The Federal Reserve’s meeting remains on focus today with a rate hike announcement expected. The USD was slightly lower in a cautious trade ahead of the Fed meeting. Later today U.S. president Trump will speak about the taxes reform schedule. Global stocks continue to trade near record highs as sentiment remained steady. Here are the top things to know for today.

Market players will keep a close eye on the Fed’s 2-day meeting that will kick off later today. Meanwhile, Oil prices rose to their highest level in more than 2-years. Bitcoin was little changed as the hype is currently winding down. Here are the top things to know for today’s trading in global financial markets.

A new trading week kicks off with some big news. Bitcoin has made a debut in the Chicago stock exchange (CBOE) and will now trade publicly. Global stocks are a bit higher today as sentiment remains relatively positive. In the U.K, there’s a new sense of optimism after the breakthrough in the Brexit talks. These are all the big things to know for today.

It’s going to be a busy Friday for investors and traders. At 13:30 GMT, the U.S. monthly NFP report will be out, forecast is that 200K new jobs will be announced. Elsewhere, EU and UK leaders have made some important progress about the Brexit deal. The hottest asset in the moment – the Bitcoin has seen another crazy trading day. Here’s the biggest things to know for today’s trading.

Thursday is looking like a positive day for the global economy. Stocks are mostly rising around the globe as sentiment improves. The USD is also on the rise on optimism of tax reform progress. Meanwhile, Bitcoin’s amazing rally continues, the crypto currency is trading close to the 15K level. One the other hand, Gold is losing weight as people go for more riskier assets. Here are the top things to know for today.

Markets are looking down this Wednesday amid a few risky global events. Elsewhere, Bitcoins has passed the 12k mark as demand for the crypto currency remains high. Oil prices are dropping on concerns of oversupply. later today the U.S. ADP report will be released. These are the top things to know for today’s trading in financial markets.

Markets are mixed this Tuesday as tech shares continue their bad form. Europe stocks are also slightly lower after a deadlock in Brexit talks raised uncertainty about the future relations on the EU and the UK. In Crypto news, Bitcoin continues to rise, closing in on the $12,000 level for the first time ever. Here are the most important things to know for today’s trading.

A new trading week kicks off with a lot of developments from all around the globe. In the U.S., stocks and the Dollar are rising after the tax reform plan by Trump’s administration was approved over the weekend. Elsewhere, EU and UK leaders are meeting to talk about the Brexit deal terms. Here are the top things that will affect today’s trading in financial markets.

There’s still plenty of action to follow before another trading week will come to an end. In the U.S., the Dollar remained under scrutiny amid tax reform voting delay. Later today, Fed speakers will have their say about the strength of the economy. Elsewhere, Eurozone manufacturing data surged to a level not seen in the last 17 years while oil prices continue to climb higher. Here are the top things to know for today.


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