As was predicted, Apple’s shares flew to the heights, not seen before by the company. Ever. Traders and shareholders rejoice.

As was predicted, Apple’s shares flew to the heights, not seen before by the company. Ever. Traders and shareholders rejoice.

Apple shares set a record.

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As we told you yesterday, Apple is holding a conference in California, where the announcement of the new products by the company took place last night. For example, a new macOS Mojave was announced. The new version has a Dark Mode function with the darkened work elements and more noticeable content. And, those who became the shareholders of Apple several days ago and are still holding onto the purchase are very lucky, as, just like it was predicted, successful presentation took shares of the company to the new heights.

That is the first occasion through the whole history of Apple when their shares have grown in the first day of the conference. Shares gained 0.84 percent and flew up to the point of $191.83 per share. And it also seems that the numbers are not going to stop here. The deal is that the new announcements were taken very good by the public. And that was only the first day of the conference. So if there are further announcements or even details about the current ones, shares are going to react.

Of course, there is no guarantee that any further information is going to be good for the shares. After all Apple have already gone through failures before. Failures which took the shares of the conglomerate lower. But there is a very high possibility that right now that will not be the case. After all Apple-mania of the world is not fading away. It is only growing stronger. And if everything goes according to the plan there is a very high probability of one share going beyond $200 per piece.

Will Trump save dollar?

1. Dollar

The pressure on American economy is tremendous right now. And the most interesting thing is that Donald Trump, who won the elections saying that he only wants the best for America is putting more pressure on the national economy than anyone else. But will the situation be fixed in the nearest future?

We certainly hope so and there are all the premises in the world for that. First of all Saturday, June 9 marks the beginning of G-7 summit, where the officials of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, UA and US will undoubtfully discuss trading situation in the world and the ways to avoid all of the troubles trading war might bring along with itself. Yesterday’s performance of the greenback was less than satisfactory. Percent loss was a disappointment for brokers. But what is happening in the markets today?

A gain of less than 0.05 percent – that is the movement for the dollar today. It is better than extending the losses. This stability for the day might be accounted by the fact that the official representative of the White House announced that the meeting between the leaders of the USA and North Korea will after all take place on June 12 in Singapore at 9:00 local time. Judging by the unprecedented growth, taken by the dollar the previous time the meeting was on-track it is safe to say that this time will not be any different. Of course, the circumstances are a little different – last time trading tensions between USA and China were also almost entirely resolved. So the growth might be not as big this time around.

There is also another factor to take into consideration – what if the two leaders come to no agreement and the conflict escalates? In that case a threat of a real full-blow nuclear war might be on the table.

Sharp makes a big purchase.

Sharp Corporation

Japanese Sharp Corporation is planning to buy PC business of another Japanese conglomerate Toshiba. After the deal Sharp are planning on issuing $1.8 billion worth of shares in order to buy out preferred stock from the banks.

Sharp Corp. left PC business years ago and now they want to return to it. Quite a ‘sharp’ decision for the company to go out on the market that has a lot of major players and that is slowly losing its popularity. Of course, smartphones will never fully replace PCs, but they are on the track for that. One can easily browse internet, watch a movie and even trade on the financial markets. All without a massive computer. But the new, experienced player in the field might draw attention away from the other companies. Especially of the newcomer has some interesting and bright ideas on how to lure clients away from competition. After the purchase of Toshiba OC business Sharp will be able to access Foxconn developments. And Foxconn definitely has a name in the business. It will help Sharp build PCs more cheaply and effectively, and that is definitely an attraction for the investors.