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Latest news from the markets

20.10 - Stocks' good from continues on Friday

Friday is looking like another positive day for global stock markets and the U.S. Dollar after news that tax reforms in the U.S. are close to being settled. Inventors and traders are also waiting to hear from the Fed’s Yellen later today for more insights and clues about the economy. Elsewhere, Japan is getting ready to Sunday’s general election. Here are the big headlines for today’s trading.


19.10 - Spain threats Catalonia, Stocks take a breather

Global markets are trading mostly lower at the moment after reaching record highs in recent days. Investors are somewhat cautious today amid the ongoing political crisis in Spain and due to memories of the Black Monday collapse of 1987 that occurred exactly 20 year ago. In the U.S., discussions continue on who will be the next Fed Chair after Janet Yellen’s terms is finished. Elsewhere, China published a weaker GDP data as was widely expected. Here are the big things to know for today’s trading.


18.10 - Markets continue to rise, China lays out vision

The USD continues its good form this Wednesday as traders await fresh data from the world’s biggest economy. More earnings are set to be released later today with big companies such as American Express and eBay publish their third-quarter reports. Global stocks continue to trade near record highs and Chinese President Xi Jinping lays out the future of his nation. Here are the most important things to know for today.


17.10 - Stocks, Dollar pushing higher, earnings on tap

Sentiment in global markets continue to look positive as world shares remain near recent highs. In the U.S., earnings season is in full speed with some major companies set to release their third-quarter reports. Also in the U.S., the race for the Fed chair head is heating up with president Trump favoring Stanford economist John Taylor for the position. Elsewhere, Oil prices are rising amid ongoing violence in Iraq. These are all the big headlines to know for today’s trading.


16.10 - Global stocks rise, Euro remains under pressure

A new trading week kicks off and there’s plenty of things going on at the moment. Stock markets around the world continue to rise, supported by optimism about global growth. The Euro is under pressure amid uncertainty over the future of Catalonia and Spain. Commodities such as Industrial Metals and Oil are moving up, and U.S. earnings will start to flow later today. Here are the big things to know ahead of today’s trading.


13.10 - Bitcoin smashes old record, U.S. data on tap

This Friday, investors will focus on fresh economic data out of the U.S. The Dollar is a bit weak at the moment against a higher Euro. Meanwhile, Bitcoin rallied to an all-time high level of $5,874.30 after optimistic news on the future of the cryptocurrency. Elsewhere, the GBP is bouncing back after some sharp losses recently and Oil prices are also looking up. Check out all the big things you need to know for today.


11.10 - Global stocks push higher on political relief

Traders will wait to hear from the Fed later today as they announce their minutes meeting. The crisis in Spain calms down for now after the Catalan leader Puigdemont did not declare unilateral independence. Japan’s stocks hit 21-years high on global optimism for growth and as geopolitical concerns fade out. Meanwhile, the USD remains under pressure amid a stronger Euro. Here are the big things to know for today’s trading.


09.10 - Political developments sets the tone

There are a lot of political developments this Monday that are affecting global financial markets. Relations between U.S and Turkey are deteriorating, so as the ongoing crisis between the U.S. and North Korea. The crisis is Spain eases after a support rally against separation from Spain took place in Catalonia and restored hopes for peace in Spain. Meanwhile, stocks continue to rise globally on growth optimisim. These are the big things to know for today.


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