More and more questions are emerging as G-7 summit is approaching. What will happen to the dollar? New tariffs will stick? How to deal with Trump? But Argentinian loan took some of the attention away from Trump’s policies.

More and more questions are emerging as G-7 summit is approaching. What will happen to the dollar? New tariffs will stick? How to deal with Trump? But Argentinian loan took some of the attention away from Trump’s policies.

Possible topic for G-7?

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Steel and aluminum pieces are to be watched closely as well as dollar as the G-7 meeting is upon us. The meeting will be taking place today and tomorrow in Canada and it seems that the representatives of EU and Canada will try and fight Trump and the newly imposed tariff on steel and aluminum import. But will that work? Trump isn’t exactly known for playing well with other and there is a lot of doubt that the talks might turn current situation for the worse.

Traditionally the summit was known for brining agreement to the involved parties. But there is s good chance that the conflict between the countries will only escalate. Trump has already insulted Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau twice and no doubt will try and attack his colleague once again. But we all see what is going on with the American national currency after the tariffs have been imposed – it is getting weaker.

But whether the consensus is found or not trading week is ending today and we will only be able to see whether the summit changed the fate of the dollar or not for the nearest week on Monday when there will be nothing left for us to change. Steel might also change its price through the weekend together with aluminum. That is especially dangerous knowing how many losses there were on the metals markets recently. We mean, for the last couple of weeks the whole sector was barely in the green zone for a day.

Next week there will also be another hit or boost to the solar – Trump’s meeting with Un who has already come to Singapore in order to prepare for historical meeting.

Stocks are already at all-time-high. Trying to take them higher?

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Apple have taken their stocks to all-time high after the announcements of the new products of the company took place at a Californian conference. And, naturally it seems that Apple are going to stop at what they have already reached. This time the announcement of the new product has taken shares to $194 per share price – a height, never seen before by the stock of the company.

Amidst all of the instability n the trading world t must be rally good right now to be shareholder of Apple. It seems that those who are betting on the growth of the stocks are also very lucky these days as gaining of the price has been ongoing for days in a row! And this time all is due to the announcement of a new device – portable monitoring device for the blood pressure. It is predicted that it will be integrated with Apple watch and that sales will only go up from the launch point. But even though there is unprecedented growth for the stocks, Wall Street brokers really lack enthusiasm when it comes to trading with it.

And now we have to think logically – who is the auditorium for the blood pressure monitoring device? Of course people who are over 45 for the most part. And Apple was mostly popular among the young who want to always stay in trend. And now there are millions of people out there who will buy the new device because of the usability and possibility to integrate it with all of the Apple devices. That means more profit for Apple in the nearest future. Being the most profitable company in the world it will bring even more profit to the conglomerate. Pretty powerful, isn’t it? No use in forgetting about Apple’s plans.

Argentina got a big loan – support for economy?

1. argentina peso

One of the main topics for all of the major economic news services today is financial help that Argentina gor from the International Monetary Fund. The help adds up to $50 billion and was given to the country for the span of three years. Argentina is a country so far away that we barely hear anything about its economy but the thing is that it has been in big trouble over the last four years.

In March the while world missed Argentina’s President Mauricio Macri turning for help to the IMF, he stated that the national economy of the country is in big trouble because of the overall bad situation in the world’s economy. Argentina is very dependent on the international investors and oil prices, Argentina almost broke under pressure from the recent events with prices for oil jumping up and down and trade tension in the world getting more and more severe.

What does that mean for someone who wants to invest in the Argentinian economy? Our guess is that those who are going to invest into Argentinian economy will probably get good conditions and percentage. Especially big investors will be welcomed with open arms. Although that is only the guess of ours it is very likely to happen.