It seems that the decision on EU tariffs was reached in Washngton and it is a promising one. 


It seems that the decision on EU tariffs was reached in Washngton and it is a promising one. 


Has Trump come to his senses?

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We finally have the answer on yesterday's, or tonight's meeting of Donald Trump with European Commission President on trade tariffs. And it seems that for the first time in a long period of time Donald Trump has made a right decision by not pushing away his partners, but actually going at least half way to meet their demands. With Trump putting aside aluminum and steel tariffs EU is going to drop automobile trade restrictions. The two sides have also agreed on going on with the negotiations in order to ease the tensions in the transatlantic trading.

For us this can mean one thing – improvement in the relations between USD and EUR assets. And that I something we need right now as trading with these assets hasn’t been the easiest aspect of the trading business lately. With euro having a lot of problems in the region and Merkel and Macron trying to resolve economic issues as well as refugees' problem and dollar being constantly blow up by Trump there hasn’t been an awful lot of stability. And we hope to see some of that now.

It is good that Trump is sitting down with other countries in order to negotiate something he was so adamant about just a few weeks ago. That means that he is finally seeing the destruction he is bringing to the US economy. That means that dollar can finally be stable once again. That is of course in case Trump is not going to impose more tariffs on another country just to even thing out.

Oh, how good it would be is Trump agreed to lift tariffs from China. All of the talks about trade war would stop and we would finally be able to relax. But it seems that that will remain just a wish for now as there are no talks that would prove Trump's intentions to do that, although negotiations like that would stimulate American economy more than we could imagine. USA trading would skyrocket and for good reason – we will finally be sure in the asset.

Anyway, we hope to see more improvements in the near future otherwise world economy will keep on going in getting hits.

Watch Swedish krona.

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When was the last time you heard about Sweden? The country in the North of Europe doesn't exactly make it to the news very often. Even its neighbor Norway makes more noise because of its investment in Tesla. But Sweden... it doesn’t make to financial news just because it has its own currency – Swedish krona and it is not a particularly interesting one. But now it seems that the time has come in order to watch it. Why? Because there is a possibility that it going to tumble and take down euro as well.

Do you remember Italian elections? Of course! Those weeks of losing and falling for euro when we all thought that we would soon see the end of EU and euro all-together. Horrible time. Well, it seems that we are going to see it all over again only at the other end of Europe. The thing is that Sweden is going to hold parliament elections very soon and there are all the chances in the world that majority in the parliament is going to be formed by the party that goes 'for it' when it comes to leaving the EU.

Familiar, isn't it? Swedish krona has been extremely weak this year, reaching the lowest level against euro in a long time. And some of the national uplifting can easily boost the currency. So, the vote is anticipated by those, who have been waiting on krona's recovery all this time. And we can assume that that is a lot of people. This is where the market talks come in. With refugees problem that is swarming the EU it is easy to imagine how many people are going to vote for anti-EU party just in an attempt to fix their country. And we all remember what was going on in the markets when the same situation occurred in Italy.

Elections are going to take place on September 9. and we are anxious to see what will happen to trading then. We will be out of the earning's season for sure and every move will see the reaction of the markets. We can only assume that EUR trading will be... complicated for that period of time.