These photos from different sporting events capture the true essence of sports.

See for yourself:


1. Intense boxing fight at the process:


2. Some arguing with the referee in the heat of the match:


3. That is so not cool...


4. Japanese athlete trying to win at all cost:


5. The sweet moment of victory:


6. A race car is peeking out of the woods:


7. Where is that man jumping? We hope he landed ok...


8. U.S. soccer team celebrates after winning the Gold cup:


9. Baseball player scores a home run at the last second to take the victory:


10. A brave diver jumps from a bridge to win a high-diving competition: 


11. U.S. Baseball player covered in powder after winning the match:


12. Muay Thai fighter blocks a kick during the world games tournament:


13. Squash players battle it out for the Gold medal:


14. Australian player trying to score a goal at a beach handball match:


15. An American swimmer competes at a 200-meter breaststroke heat:


16. Baseball player trying to dodge the catcher:


17. Two players compete at a canoe polo match:


18. Baseball player slides home after beating the ball: